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“It’s not our abilities that decide what we truly are……’s our choices” – Albus Dumbledore
A great quote from the Harry Potter book. The quote clearly shows where we are today. Most of the times we think I have done this. I’m here because I have this ability. But it’s not true. It’s a choice, which always matters, and not the ability. The choices we made change our life. And we walk on that path. Because unless and until we make choice we can not give the proper direction to our abilities. When we face failure we think that we lack the ability to have success in that thing.  But actually the choice made was wrong and so the failure occurred. So a perfect human is the one who can make a correct choice and then can utilise his abilities to the fullest.

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  1. i wud agree to point 1 – choices are above abilities. coz’ abilities can be inculcated, with hard work et all.
    but i’d have to disagree to ‘failure occur coz the choice was wrong’….this may not always be the case. you may be on the perfect path (choice), and failures maybe the stepping stones.
    a simple example – a scientist, researching on something makes several mistakes, meets numerous failures, before he makes a theory, and meets with success. just coz he encountered failures doesn’t mean he made the wrong choice.

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