The Power of Dreams

Recently saw a great advertisement of Honda. I liked the narration in the advertisement. It is “There is no point in having dreams, U should see dream.” Honda has stated their philosophy “The Power of Dreams” in this just one line. And it’s very very true. A man should always see dream. Then only he can work to bring them into reality. Seriously there is no point in having dream. When you have dream, you just stop thinking beyond that point. You should see dream. I think even the great great industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani has said this thing. “See the dream”. He was the perfect example what one man can do if he dreams. He built an empire from scratch. We just say there are no opportunities and all. But opportunities don’t come your way. Opportunities are always going to be there. One just should have guts and should grab them without any fear. And that’s what Dhirubhai Ambani did. Sometimes I feel when we believe in God, god shows his presence by giving birth to great people like Dhirubhai Ambani.

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