Finding Neverland

Yesterday, I watched a movie “Finding Neverland”. Johnny Depp stars as Sir James Barrie, creator of all time classic Peter Pan. A film is about what inspired James Barrie to write peter pan. It’s an amazing movie. Director has done a fabulous job. Mainly Mr Barrie’s character is great. He is a mature person but still there’s a kid inside him who always dreams of a place called Neverland. And then Barrie meets Sylvia Llewelyn Davies (Kate Winslet) and her family and he writes the play Peter Pan based on this relationship. One great moment in the film is about the fairies. When first boy/girl was born and when he laughed for the first time, from his/her laugh fairy was born. And then onwards each time a new boy/girl is born, a first laugh becomes a fairy. That means we all are having a fairy with us. 🙂
A director’ brilliance can be seen in one shot. In one scene James Barrie slightly opens a door to enter his room and we can see a very beautiful place (Neverland). In this one scene director shows how passionately Barrie imagines about Neverland. A must watch movie.

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