When I came out of theater after watching Paheli, just one thought came to
my mind that what I have jut experienced can not be ahindi film. Its just brilliant. It was like I have just seen a ‘A Wizard of Oz’ (One of my favourite fantasy films) in Hindi. Kudos to Amol Palekar. Amol Palekar has done a brilliant job. Paheli is a classic example of how a love story can be presented in a different style than those typical Chopra-Johar styles. Amol Palekar creates his own world and he has 100% succeeded in it.
Paheli is not just about pleasant colours, sets and all other technical brilliance. Paheli proves again that with all these technical wizardry a good story and great performances are very much required. SRK once again proves that he is the king khan. 2005 is the Rani Mukharjee year. After Black she delivers yet another knockout performance. Cinematography is
excellent. Palekar doesn’t include any cheap characters or jokes for any commercial reasons. And that’s why Paheli stands out from all other films. It’s not possible to compare this film with any other film. Because nobody have made such a beautiful film before Paheli. I will say everyone should watch Paheli in theater only then one could understand what Amol Palekar
has created. It’s just awesome and mind-blowing. Finally, thanks to SRK for producing such a great movie. It shows that after Swades SRK has understood that there is life beyond Veer-Zaara and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

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