Ab Tak 56

“When we have information, we kill criminals. When we don’t have information, we kill time. Don’t be restless. Be patient.”

This is the dialogue from the RGV production and Shimit Amin directed “Ab Tak 56”. This is the only movie which takes a realistic look at the life of an encounter cop. Shimit Amin’s direction comes straight out of life. Violence is not at all more than required. After all this is a film on life of a policeman. Underworld, police nexus have been shown brilliantly. The rivalry in the police department, the functioning of the department has been shown appropriately. Thanks to Shimit for keeping Nana Patekar under control. Nana Patekar bounces back with this movie. This is one of his finest performances. Another actor who delivers flawless performance is Prasad Purandare as Zameer. Prasad is the actor proves if given a chance what magic he can do. There are no long speeches on the corruption and other things. Ab Tak 56 shows a policeman’s life as he lives. Director not all focuses on what is wrong and what is not wrong in the system. It shows how it works. All supporting characters played by Yashpal Sharma, Kunal Vijaykar and Nakul Vaid do their job with conviction. Another most important and brilliant factor of this enterprise is background score by Salim-Suleiman. I haven’t heard till date such a beautiful background score. SS may have bagged more projects from Yashraj and Dharma productions after this movie but this is the finest of all movies they have done. One more dialogue which explains the philosophy of the movie is “Kam ganda hai lekin karna padta hai!”

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