Some days back I was just discussing with friend about liking something and being passionate about something. People always get confused with this. Or some people never know what they exactly like so that they can pursue that thing as a passion. Reading, music, movies are the most common things people like. But there is much more beyond this ‘liking’. And i.e. called ‘Passion’. Doing a daily job for the sake of money is duty. But one can find a meaning to life only if he pursues the passion. If one can’t be passionate about something then I will say he is wasting his life. Also I know some people who just to show people pursue something or just like to talk on that subject. Which is also wrong? If you are passionate about something to the full extent you should go behind it. The result of it can not be explained. But I guarantee it will be just pure satisfaction. Last week only somewhere I read writing by famous Marathi author P. L. Deshpande. Exactly I don’t remember the whole text but the basic thought was something like “Kala mhanje kay tar…. Ziddine pota-panyacha udyog karne garjechech aahe. Pan tyach barobar natya, sahitya, kala, chitra hyapaiki ekacha chand manapasun jopasne mhanjech kala”.

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