Mangal Pandey

Hey God, please forgive Ketan Mehta, Aamir Khan and Farokh Dhondy for making a disgusting movie called “Mangal Pandey – The Rising”. 7 years in making, 1000 prints worldwide and so called India’s answer to Academy Award Winner “Braveheart”. I don’t understand on what basis the makers have made such hype. Rising is a complete let down. Also I haven’t understood why all the critics are praising Rising and have given 4 start rating. I sincerely doubt about the home work done by Ketan Mehta and Farokh Dhondy. Farokh Dhondy should immediately start attending classes in Film and Television Institute of India on screenplay writing (They better pass the entrance exam this time). Because “Rising” is his 2nd greatest mistake after “Kisna”. Costume design of female characters is very very contemporary and when watching songs, I felt I am watching songs from some movie based on events in 1997. There is no connection between sequences and scenes. First half moves at a sluggish pace. But 2nd half is worse than that. In fact it’s hard to compare 1st and 2nd half. Aamir Khan should think of his career seriously before signing any more movies like “Rising”. The characters of Rani Mukerjee, Amisha Patel and Mona Ambegaonkar were not at all necessary and some sequences must have been avoided. Like a bed scene between a British lady and an officer and the scenes of Mona Ambegaonkar. They are the hallmark of Ketan Mehta’s perversion which we have seen in his movies in the past. The only exceptions are Sardar and Mirch Masala. And I’m sure the editor must be napping for the whole 4 years. As no sane person can allow such horrific mistake in his own field of work. Even the fictional story around the character of Mangal Pandey is good idea. But the story must have some substance and logic and continuity.

Final word is Rising leaves zero percent impact. The only good thing about this film is a great song “Mangal Mangal”.

I will prefer to watch movies made by Chopras and Johars than experiencing pathetic movies as Rising based on India’s independence. After this movie the image of Mangal Pandey will be tarnished in the eyes of many. All the film-makers in India should think twice before digging the great freedom fighters whose greatness should not be lessened by such sub-standard efforts.

And one more thing god bless the Academy Award committee because makers are promoting Rising as Indian’s winning entry to Oscars.

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