A director who can not go wrong

Hyderabad Blues, Rockford, Bollywood Calling, Teen Deewarien and now ‘Iqbal’ Nagesh Kukunoor is the director who can not wrong. After Iqbal Nagesh is standing tall in Indian film industry. A chemical engineer by education and filmmaker by profession. If a person decides to achieve his dream then he can. Kukunoor is a prime example of this. Nagesh quit his job as environmentalist in US for making ‘Hyderabad Blues” and rest is history. Take each of his films and every film is different from another. Again and again he has proved that stars are not required for making a film work at box-office. It’s a story, which finally decides the fate of the cinema and how one presents it on the screen. And after ‘Iqbal’ the discussion on Nagesh’s capabilities as a filmmaker end. I hope Mr. Kukunoor makes more and more movies on varied subjects in future and each time defy the stereotypes.

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