Today, all the newspapers were having a frontpage news “Pune goes international”. The occasion was start of an international Pune to Dubai flight. The other part of the story is that I was reading this news at 7.00 in morning in a candle light because in “International” Pune load shedding timings are 7.00 to 9.00 AM(Daily). I mean on what basis our leaders are saying that Pune is going international. The road conditions, infrastructure is in pathetic conditions. I feel pathetic is also a little mild word. I think air hostesses on board must be using candles and torches in flight for serving the customers. Till 15 days back load shedding was just for 1 hour and now it has been increased to 2 hours. I’m damn sure that it will be again increased to 4 hours in summers. Yes, and still we must proudly say that Pune is going international. Our leaders are busy in making plans about connecting cities with low cost airlines. But irony is that it take around 1 hour to cover a distance of 15 Kms in the city of Pune because poor traffic management, lack of good public transport. I felt that yes, what our leaders are saying is absolutely correct. Instead of driving a car or a two-wheeler in the city let’s start using low-cost airline for going to office from Kothrud to some other suburb of the city. Seriously, India is a developing nation.
We can say “India is shining” but please excuse us from 2 hours of load shedding.

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