Innovation always works

Earlier this morning, I was browsing through Wikipedia and just for curiosity sake typed in Hotmail and did a search. The website came up with all the details about the email system. Things like ‘how it came about, who was the inventor (it is, of course, our own Sabeer Bhatia). After parsing through the piece of information, what I realised was ‘If your product is innovative, it always works’. Hotmail is a great example of how innovation always attracts attention, helps the world take great strides technologically, thereby generates huge revenue for the innovator and helps him make a name for himself.
During my everyday life, I see many people around me who think hard work for 12-15 hours a day is a must for achieving success in life. I am not a believer in this, though. What I think is a ‘smart’ way of working is all we need to succeed.
Hotmail came into existence and it changed the way the world sent and received emails. It also affected a major change in the way one communicates with a person sitting at the other end of the world. That’s why, today, millions of people can, with little effort, send and receive emails using just an internet PC with not just Hotmail but also other services like Yahoo! mail and Gmail(Beta).

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