The Man of Steel

Today, “Look up in the sky”. Man of Steel “Superman” and my favorite super hero returns to the silver screen. Brandon Routh plays the Superman, Kevin Spacey plays superman’s arch enemy Lex Luthor and beautiful Kate Bosworth plays Lois Lane, who is still in love with man of steel. Bryan “X-Men” Singer has helmed the responsibility of bringing back man of steel to the silver screen. Looking back at Bryan’s history – Usual Suspects, X-Men and X-Men 2, Superman Returns can be another feather in his cap.

“Superman Returns” is supposedly this summer’s most awaited flick and predictions are that it will re-write the box-office history. Check out the official site:

One thought on “The Man of Steel”

  1. Agreed….Superman has always been my fav and movie is no doubt good…
    Hey liked reading your blogs..

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