A True Genius – A. R. Rahman

“A. R. Rahman”, the only indian music composer who knows the importance of background score for a film. Just check out the cast and credits of these two major Hollywood productions “The Inside Man” and “Lord of War“. The makers of “The Inside Man” have used Rahman’s all time hit song “Chaiyya Chaiyya” as a background music when opening and closing credit roll. Further to add “The Bombay Theme (Tune)” has been used as background music for one of the scenes from Nicolas Cage starrer “Lord of War”. Once again Rahman has proved that he is a genius. Take any film, may it be Swades, Mangal Pandey, Rahman’s background score acts a different character in the film. I hope that soon the Indian filmmakers will understand the importance of background music and they will start concentrating more and more on it rather than just wasting time and money on “unnecessary” songs in the film. The time has come to understand how a particular scene in the film can be beautifully composed by adding a certain piece of music in the background. However, thanks to people like Salim-Suleiman who have focused and excelled in giving some great background scores such as Ab Tak 56, Krrish, BHOOT.

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