James “Daniel Craig” Bond

Welcome back Mr James “Daniel Craig” Bond. I was eagerly waiting for the release of “Casino Royale” and at last I watched it yesterday. Casino Royale is just brilliant, awesome and all due credit goes to Daniel Craig. No need to say that Daniel Craig has proved himself as an actor in Munich, Layer Cake but playing James Bond is altogether different game. However, Mr. Daniel Craig carries the role with élan and delivers a knock out performance. Daniel Craig is not a routine James Bond. He is not handsome, sexy in conventional sense. He is different compared to earlier bonds. Daniel Craig’s bond is rugged, tough and he is like who can kill 20-25 baddies with his bare hands. Casino Royale is based on the 1953 novel “Casino royale” by Ian Fleming. Martin Campbell is in full form this time. Casino royale is far ahead than Martin Campbell’s first “Bond” directorial outing “Goldeneye”. Casino Royale is very very different bond film than the earlier ones. Basically, its about the birth of BOND. Martin Campbell has succeded in showing the detail character development of bond from a very human in nature to our own James Bond, which we are seeing over the years. On the basis of very basic things the development of Bond has been shown. In one scene Bond just asks for “Martini” but he doesn’t say ‘shaken not stirred’. Whereas, in all previous bond films we have seen Bond asking for “Martini” and ‘shaken not stirred’. For the first time we see Bond saying “I Love You” to Vesper Lynd. However, after he is betrayed by Vesper, Bond tells ‘M’ that he doesn’t trust anyone. When audience think that everything is over Daniel Craig comes with a bang saying a wordly dialogue “The name is Bond, James Bond”. To sum up this is the best bond movie ever made and Daniel Craig wins the race of best bond ever played on screen.

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  1. I loved it too.. everything and including Daniel Craig :d!

    By the way, nice to see that you are a fellow blogger. Guess who I am ;)!

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