Sivaji The Boss Rocks

Sivaji The Boss truly rocks. I watched Sivaji just out of curiosity even if I didn’t understood the single word of tamil dialogues. However, I still enjoyed the movie. I will say Sivaji is not just another film, its an experience. One should watch the film just for Rajni’s style, his screen presence. After watching Sivaji I understood why south India is going crazy for Sivaji. Its a complete entertainer. There is nothing new in story line or treatment. Its a typical Shankar film but its Superstar Rajnikant who takes the film to a next level altogether. Sivaji is simply mind blowing and to my surprise when I watched movie in Pune, 90% of the cinema hall was occupied by marathi people. People were screaming, dancing on songs, on each and every line delievered by Rajni. After a long long time I enjoyed a film to such an extent. Sivaji proves that one should not know tamil to enjoy the film but there must be Rajni starring in it.

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