Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Finally, I watched the much discussed film “Bhool Bhulaiyaa“. After watching the film I was wondering, what were the intentions of director and screen-writer behind making this film. Director Priyadarshan and screen-writer Neeraj Vora have handled a serious subject like “Para-psychology” in very immature and childish way. Bhool Bhulaiyaa is another stupid hindi film, which defies logic, is having lots and lots of loose ends in screenplay. In first hour of the film film-maker has succeeded in creating a little bit of suspense but not an engrossing story. The major drawback of the film is Aditya’s (Akashay Kumar) explanation of Avni’s (Vidya Balan) case to Siddharth (Shiny Ahuja). The film becomes verbose after this point. Aditya explains how he saw shades of psychological disturbance on Avni’s face and in her behaviour. Priyadarshan expects us to believe that Avni is a patient because now Psychiatrist Aditya is telling me. Let’s consider a scene in a temple where Aditya and Avani argue upon the pair of “Ghungaroos“. In actual scene not a single expression on Avni’s face can be seen indicating that she is getting furious because of an argument but when Akshay Kumar explains it Priyadarshan show Avni’s furious face. Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! This is very childish. How come suddenly the expression on Avni’s face changed? Next point Akshay Kumar tells that he has seen abnormal attraction towards Manjulika’s clothes/jewellery on Avni’s face. Excuse me, Mr. Director show  any pure silk/rich clothing and antique jewellery to any girl in this god damn world and she will melt like anything. As a member of audience after Aditya’s explanation it becomes to believe that Avni is mentally not well. Mr. Director you are having a strong audio-visual medium at your disposal then use it. Cinema is not a book where everything should be explained through dialogues and then force audience to believe it. Give audience some hint about Avni’s mental problem and then let some character or sequence in the story prove and transform that hint into fact. In this case, director has miserably failed to convey his true intentions. On other hand the movie is predictable. Akshay Kumar enacts his part well but Shiney Ahuja has been wasted. I was wondering what an intense and very good actor like Shiney is doing in such a stupid film. I request Mr. Priyadarshan to only make senseless comedies like Dhol, Hulchul etc… and please don’t touch some serious topic such as “Para-psychology”. But what we can do Indian film-makers do have this habit of making films on some “hatke” topics and messing up some serious issue/subject. After watching this film, I need to watch some brilliant psychological/super-natural thrillers like The Sixth Sense, Memento, Fight Club.

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