The Dark Knight

A lot has been said and written about latest blockbuster “The Dark Knight“, since its release. Hence, I am not going to write a review of the film here but I must say that “This is a film of the year”. This film is especially for those people who say “I don’t like super hero, sci-fi, disaster films, which are nothing but just special effects with zero story-line, drama and everything is just computer wizardry lacking zero efforts by a director.”(Sometime I intend to write how a fantasy, action film is also a director’s film and not made by computer graphics, special effects.) “The Dark Knight” is a film which will move you, force you to think. Its a dark interpretation of a super hero character, which is very relevant in today’s times. The Dark Knight is complex, disturbing and spectacular in its presentation. The film is just perfect in every department of film making. May it be acting (Brilliant performance by Heath Ledger as a Joker), art direction, action, vfx and above all top notch direction by master director Christopher Nolan. Mr. Nolan deserve and academy award for this film. Every shot, scene from screenplay to celluloid is just perfect. Ladies and Gentlemen just go and watch “The Dark Knight“.

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