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a Wednesday

This year couple of films like Aaamir, Mumbai Meri Jaan have been released based on terrorism, effects of a terrorist activity on a common man’s life and “a Wednesday” is one of them. As I am writing after couple of weeks “a Wednesday” released, I am not going to delve much into its execution, performances etc. Still considering “a Wednesday” has been directed by a first timer, its a polished product when it comes to execution, technical finesse. Apart from this what to say about performances. Naseeruddin Shah again shows that he is the only one when it comes being a character himself and audience feel like he is not acting at all.
However, the film didn’t worked for me at all because it sends out the wrong message in the end. I refuse to accept that even if a common man in India is suffering because of ‘n’ no. of problems, taking law in our own hands can not be a solution. More than this in the end Nasir is not caught by Police. (Here, structure of a story or plot comes into picture.) This was the 2nd reason film didn’t worked for me. I found structure of the screenplay flawed in a sense that it supports the Nasir’s way of handling terrorism.
More than “a Wednesday”, other two films as “Aaamir” and “Mumbai Meri Jaan” worked for me because instead of just pointing fingers at the authorities they showed how as a human being we need to change ourselves at core. Change means in our behaviour, our thinking and ways of living. Also, I will like to mention a marathi film “Dombivli Fast”. According to me “Dombivali Fast” was an amazing film. However, in this film also a protagonist takes law in his hands but in the end he has to face the consequences and he dies. I think that was the apt climax for the film and whatever, statements a protagonist “Madhav Apte” makes in “Dombivali Fast” were true to life. This film showed that everyone as a member of society has to change himself first because again system/administration/authority come from this society only.

Contrary to this in “a Wednesday” the protagonist just points the fingers at authorities and takes law in his hands. Again, above all these films only one film stands tall and i.e. “Swades“. Swades also makes a point that change yourself and then country will change because I strongly feel that “only collective attitude of a society matters when it comes to taking your country forward.”

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