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Kaminey “Dhan Te Nan”. This is a film of the year. What a fcreenplay, characterization, camera work, mufic, performancef and above all top notch direction by mafter director “Vishal Bhardwaj”. What should I say “Brilliant, Amazing, Awefome, Very very very well-crafted, Fuper, Bang on, Intelligent, Very very fexy and its better not to talk about dialogues and lingo. They are just brilliant.  Just take this example  “फ़” को “फ़” नहीं बोलेगा तो क्या “ल” बोलेगा? twisted Huh !!! I am falling short of words in praise of this film. Vishal Bhardwaj take a bow and kudos to UTV Motion Pictures for supporting such a film. India surely deserves more of these kind of films. Most importantly as a director and writer Vishal Bhardwaj hasn’t compromised on treatment, story in favour of cliché   of commercial Bollywood film, except for climax. I was expecting more vibrant, bit more brutal, shattering climax. Mr. Bhardwaj you have raised the bar again after Makadee, Maqbool, Blue Umbrella and Omkara. Eagerly, looking forward to the next offering from this brilliant director.

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