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Walk When You Talk

“Walk When You Talk” – I doubt that. A new advertisement by Idea Cellular. This new advertisement is nice in presentation. However, according to me it is sending a wrong signal. Since the inception of mobile revolution in India, apart from statistics of number of mobile users, new technologies, 2G/3G, iPhone mania, people are being educated about how to use mobile phone on road, in public places. Like do not talk on mobile phone when driving, not using mobile phone when crossing a street. The simple reason behind this is “when a person is talking on phone, his mind is engaged in conversation over the phone .  This leads to absence of concentration and might result into fatal accident.  On the other hand I think this new advertisement is promoting the idea of “Walk When You Talk” and is going against basic rules to be followed by any mobile user in India or rather in world.

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ya you r right bcoz before some days one accident had occured in ahmedabad bcoz of talking on mobile while crossing railway tracks. one M.D. doctor was passing railway track and going to his hospital which was situated on the other side of tracks. and bcoz he was talking on mobile he was not aware of train arrival and finally he got a very painful death. so plz make this campaign against walk when u talk more strong.

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