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The debate over caste census is on and has heated up. Personally, speaking till couple of years back I was used to be proud in being a member of particular caste but later I felt its nothing but a false pride. For me it started making zero sense because my parents, family and people around me were saying that I belong to particular caste and I found no real base to it.

Also, it was more of like few people belong to some other caste and that’s why importance of me coming from some caste increases.  Apart from this my parents decided and at the age of 8 I had to go through some ritual, of which I don’t remember anything and it hasn’t affected my life in any way. However, as a kid major impact was that I started taking unnecessary pride in coming from a particular caste. Another reason people gave in celebrating such rituals is that it gives them a chance to invite friends/family for get together but I guess get together can be arranged  without involving religion/caste at least when ritual is related with children, who most of the times don’t understand a single bit of it.

Now, I get amazed considering how foolish I was that instead of taking pride in my achievements, creations, accomplishment I was used to feel proud of a thing, in which my contribution was zero. Its just that people surrounding me used to tell me and since ages all these people were also told by their forefathers that they come from a particular caste. Having said all this, unfortunately till today in administrative systems of largest democracy in the world caste of a citizen is required for maintaining records. I guess another reason for people for taking pride in their caste.

Sadly, this doesn’t end here. People take pride in their caste, then in their regional identity and above all comes the mighty thing called “religion”. Some more energy is wasted in cursing/bashing people from other communities/castes/regions/religions and then suddenly, you go outside of India and you become Asian.  🙂 At this point most of the people feel proud being an Indian. Till that time  being an Indian is never on agenda.

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I do agree with your point. Yesterday I watched ‘My name is Khan’ Movie. The best part of the movie is there are two types of people in the world Good and Bad. And Good/bad people never think about the communities/castes/regions/religions they just do Good things or bad things. So be a good man Sir ji.

Chinmay, very rightly said. We should be following only one religion,and that is “Indian”.

Day before yesterday was reading from TOI that “some (specially mentioned as powerful) khap panchayats in Haryana wants to “ban same gotra marriages” and not only that but also an “amendment in the Hindu Marriage Act” for the same??? else they have threated the local MLA and MP for dire consequences.
And then same “kissa kursi ka” will start, so though many of the urban people think cast should not be considered during census and government should stop it imediately, there are MPs from such rural areas who will oppose it and my prediction is that govt will not take any decision and cencus work would be over with cast recorded in it.
Met lot of people and have seen change in people while talking about cast/religion/region but in urban areas only, still go to rural areas and you your self will feel the difference they people follow cast/religion very strictly. and after listening and seeing with my own eyes i am mentioning urban and rural area.

Even for people to write such bull shit seems useless considering the fact that you overlook your academic achievements over some shannanigans of the elders.

If caste is nothing but a false pride then why do we still have admissions reserved in universities for a particular caste? why do we have positions reserved in govn jobs? One of my friend is a PHd, gold medalist in Math; his dream was to teach – to be a professor but he didn’t get the position because it was reserved! admissions/ jobs should be based on sheer merit and nothing else… Till the time our system doesn’t change I will take pride in my caste and will still call it superior – because our system IMPOSES it.

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