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I just watched a video featuring a noted Marathi actor “Sachin Khedekar”. In this video, Mr. Khedekar said that these days things put forth in a comic in tone are worshiped while any points/issues that are put forth in a serious manner are labelled as heavy.

As far as the film industry is concerned, I feel that this is the reason why the industry churns out mindless, idiotic, overdone, escapist films one after the other. Whenever I discuss the reasons behind why someone might have liked a particular film, the answer usually is that they didn’t have to to think while they watched the movie. On the contrary, I have always felt that regardless of the genre or the subject matter, a movie should be watched with absolute focus & concentration (even if it’s an idiotic, senseless comedy). I think that watching a film is much like any other activity that requires attention and some amount of processing from the brain, similar to say doing daily chores, posting something on social media sites, driving a car etc. . I do agree that movies are a form of entertainment just as fiction books or music. That being said, one still needs to focus, think, grasp, understand and most importantly INTERPRET each & every element of a story.A film should be seen as a different story or a narrative and focusing as well as interpreting it in your own way will make the film-watching experience more richer and meaningful. In my opinion, if that doesn’t happen, then humans will begin to lose their capacity to fathom serious issues or innovative novel ways of narrative, which in their own way can be entertaining.


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