The reason behind writing this piece of text is with reference to a discussion I had  with a friend . He was saying  nature’s rule is that humans are a social animal whereas on the contrary I have always felt that naturally every human is alone.

Every man/woman is always inclined towards mingling, socializing with others. I say feeling of socializing is not natural but it comes out of fear of being alone, which every human has. Now, comes part of emotional attachment. Continue reading ALONE


The debate over caste census is on and has heated up. Personally, speaking till couple of years back I was used to be proud in being a member of particular caste but later I felt its nothing but a false pride. For me it started making zero sense because my parents, family and people around me were saying that I belong to particular caste and I found no real base to it.

Continue reading FALSE PRIDE


Kaminey “Dhan Te Nan”. This is a film of the year. What a fcreenplay, characterization, camera work, mufic, performancef and above all top notch direction by mafter director “Vishal Bhardwaj”. What should I say “Brilliant, Amazing, Awefome, Very very very well-crafted, Fuper, Bang on, Intelligent, Very very fexy Continue reading KAMINEY

The Slumdog Millionaire

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Slumdog Millionaire is a finest film made in recent times. Whatever accolades and nominations it is receiving are absolutely worth it. Danny Boyle portrays the tale of love, hope with a backdrop of slums from Maximum City “Mumbai” beautifully. In simple words this is a tale about love and hope. A. R. Rahman’s original musical score is pulsating for which, he has received 3 OSCAR nominations. He is truly a genius when it comes to blending indian and western classical and composing brilliant musical scores. (check out my old post on ARR) Screenplay by Simon Beaufoy is amazing. The way Simon Beaufoy has constructed the story is truly a master’s work. Continue reading The Slumdog Millionaire