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Production Still 1For last couple of years the thought of doing something in the field of film production was lingering in my mind.  I had many ideas there but there was nothing concrete happening on the front of developing any of those ideas until the idea of “The Suicide” cropped up. In May 2006 I wrote the story of “The Suicide”. (Aniruddha, Ameya, Aditya and Amit working on suicide shot) After finishing up with the story I knew that this is going to be my first short film but was not sure when I was going to make it.  As a next step I discussed this story with good friends of mine Harshad and Aniruddha. Harshad being a writer himself reviewed the script thoroughly and Aniruddha, who came from a field of video production, gave me review comments about the changes to be done with respect to conveying it through audio-visual medium. Again, I started working on refining the script. I would write two three pages and then re-write them all over again. I was not really sure as to how a script is written. I used my knowledge of script writing that I had gained from reading screenplays of some English films and books. As I was going to direct the film, I felt that it’s fine even if I don’t follow all the conventional rules of script writing.  The important part according to me was that after reading the script the reader should be able to understand the story. Hence, I passed on the script to lots of friends and happily they read and gave lots ofHair styling in progress valuable comments. That certainly helped in developing the script further. Thus, around February 2007 the final draft of the script was ready. However, still I was not sure about when I am going to make it. Days, weeks, months passed and in April 2007 I decided that no matter what I will be making my first short film “The Suicide” in coming two months. I immediately called up Aniruddha. We met and I told him that I want to shoot this short film in next two months.  Aniruddha said “OK” and in the next meeting one by one he just wrote down the things to be done before actual shoot begins. I had a look at that list of things to be done before we commenced with actual shoot and at that point I realized the amount of work that is to be done apart from writing a script. (Meghana working on hair styling)

Production Still 3Now, before starting off with other preparations for making a film I decided to zero in on the actors. Thus casting process began, luckily I had to cast only two actors. When I finished the script, I had thought of who can play a female character. So, before considering amateur actors I started thinking of names of established actors from Marathi cinema and T.V. After giving much thought I felt that leading Marathi actress Madhura Welankar will be a right choice to play a character of female lead as I have conceived. Shweta and Wasim helped me in getting in touch with Madhura. I narrated the script to Madhura and she readily agreed to do the film. The task of casting was partially done and I started looking for an actor for male lead. Initially, I contacted few established names but things didn’t work out and I contacted an old acquaintance of mine “Ameya Ranade”. (Chinmay explaining a shot to Madhura) Ameya had acted in plays, not professionally but in competitions during his college days. He was actively involved in the prestigious competitions such as Purushottam Karandak, Firodiya Karandak at college/university level. I narrated the script to him and he also readily agreed to do the film. He was pretty much excited as this was going to be his first performance in front of the camera as mine was going to be the first one behind the camera. I started working on the other very essential things required for making this film. There were ‘n’ number of things to do as designing costume, getting a tailor who can tailor costume according to my requirements, getting a make-up artiste and most importantly the crew. I started calling up all my friends and most of them instantly agreed to be a part of my unit. In fact, I met some of my crew members for the first time through common friends.  They just asked for the storyline and were all as excited as me about making this film happen. I really was overwhelmed looking at enthusiasm and sincerity of my crew. My hunt for the location was on. We needed the quite place where external noise is minimal as we were going to record sound on location. Aniruddha and I zeroed upon few locations but at last minute we had to cancel out those options and I found myself in a crisis.


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