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Mr. Bhave working on make-upEverything was going according to the plan. I now had the dates of actors and all the other things were taking shape but I was not able to find a suitable location. I had a sleepless night when I had to cancel out the locations finalized but Harshad and Sangeeta came to the rescue. I sent an email to Harshad late at night requesting him to allow me to shoot in his apartment for two days and without asking any questions Harshad and Sangeeta gave the green signal. (Bhave kaka working on Madhura’s make-up) At the same time Sangeeta contacted the tailor Deepak, who had good experience in tailoring western style outfits. We met him and discussed the design of costume. As a result of our meeting, Deepak gave me a list of things required for the costume. I heard names of some things, especially the fabric for the first time in my life but he was kind enough to give me the names of shops where I could get it. The search for fabric began but we did not find the fabric of required type and quality in Pune. Deepak suggested getting it from some shops in Santacruz, Mumbai and I had to leave for Mumbai. In this task of buying the required fabric my aunt Megha Chavan helped me and I was successful in procuring all the things required for costume. Simultaneously, with the help of my crew members we finished procuring all other things required for the shoot including props.

Shoot Day 1

Finally, the first day of shoot arrived. Till the 9th of June I was a bit scared about how I am going to direct and if everything will go according to the plan. However, on the first day itself I don’t know but I was feeling confident. Our day started at 7.30 AM. Getting lights, camera and other equipments at location was the primary task. The crew members started arriving and they were working like professionals. Everybody knew his/her job perfectly and things started rolling.

Production Still 5We started off with Ameya’s shots. I was bit nervous initially as Ameya was facing the camera for the first time but he gave excellent shots. My friends and light boys Aditya and Amit were doing their job perfectly as expected.  Swati was handling the boom rod and mike and she was moving it precisely in the required direction. Without Swati it would have been impossible to record sound on location. (Aniruddha setting up the camera) Harshad was doing the important task of maintaining the log sheet of shots taken. This log sheet was going to help us at the time of editing. I was not worried about camera as Aniruddha was behind it and Santosh was helping him. Radhika helped me a lot in listing out shots to be taken and which shots we have covered. At the same time Madhura’s make-up and hair styling was going on. However, we found out that the fitting of Madhura’s costume was not appropriate. At this point my mother came to the rescue and in no time she altered the costume to a perfect fit. Our make-up artiste Mr. Prabhakar Bhave did the fantastic job and Meghana Kunte did hair styling with élan. Sangeeta did a great job of talent co-ordination. Mukta, Amita and Devyani handled the task of production management very well. However, the major problem we were facing was of heat.  It was June but still the summer in Pune was not over. As shoot was going on we were not able to keep any fan/cooler switched on and the shooting lights fueled the rise in room temperature but nobody complained. I think in front of shooting fever the high temperature was nothing. In the first half we took most of the Ameya’s shots and few of Madhura’s. In the second half of the day it took a bit long time in changing the lighting but the shoot was progressing smoothly as expected. On the first exhaustive day we stopped the shoot at 10.00 in the night.

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