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Shoot Day 2

Next day the crew gathered at 9.00 AM. Before starting off with the shoot my assistant director Radhika and I worked on the remaining shots to be taken that gave us a clear idea of work to be completed on the second and last day of shoot. Production Still 6Even on this day we started with Ameya’s shots and at the same time Madhura’s make-up and hair styling was in progress. Everyone was aware of what was to be done and we covered the next few shots at a good speed. The second half of the shoot was exciting. We were about to shoot the sequences in which lot of changes were required in Madhura’s make-up. Not only one change but changes at regular intervals so the number of shots we to be taken were very less but time required was high. For these shots Mr. Bhave’s immense contribution and skills of gave brilliant result and the make-up done was really awesome. Thus, slowly and steadily the shoot was progressing. In 2 hours or so we finished off with Madhura’s shots with changes in the make-up. The next step of removing the Madhura’s make-up was pretty tiring for her and Mr. Bhave. Now, last few shots of Ameya were remaining. (Chinmay and Ameya) We started off with these shots and finished them in no time as expected and we packed up at 7.30 in the evening. The exciting times were over but one more important task was remaining. The task was of handling over the location to Harshad and Sangeeta in a condition as it was before the shoot. The crew knew what needs to be done and everything was in place in next few minutes. 

Music and Post-production

To me this is the most important stage in film making as the director, editor and DOP come to know about what they have really achieved at the time of shooting. This stage decides how the shots taken are looking when arranged on a good piece of music and if the team has succeeded in telling the story or not. Three days after the actual shoot Aniruddha, Radhika and I started off with the editing. Production Still 7First of all we grabbed the video from video tapes. We used Sony Vegas 6.0b for the editing. Sony Vegas is really cool software which comes with some great features and is very user-friendly when it comes to editing. We started off with just arranging the shots according to the shot break-down and we were happy to see that the shots taken were looking great.  In the mean time I was in touch with Amogh Ranade. (Chinmay, Radhika and Madhura discussing a shot) Amogh was going to give music for the film. The next step on editing front was creating a rough cut, which was required for beginning with composing the music. I narrated the script to Amogh and gave him the rough cut. We discussed a lot and I told him about what should be the flavour of music. At the same time considering all were busy with their daily jobs, we were progressing with edit and music at good speed and then Amogh called me up. He was ready with some music pieces and he wanted me to listen to them. We sat together and played those music pieces in the background and playing a rough cut. This gave us a clear idea regarding improvements to be done. However, Amogh did compose a great music piece of guitar pluck as a basic underlying theme. Finally, it took us 2-3 days more for finalizing with music. Now, we were in last stage of post-production. The final task of colour correction and arranging the music on final cut was remaining. We started off with arranging music, leveling of sound and finished off with colour correction. Thus, after spending one month on pre-production, shoot and post-production “The Suicide” is now ready and waiting for audience’s feedback.


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